Kale is being hailed a ‘Superfood’ and a ‘nutritional powerhouse’ for many health bennefitting reasons. This dark, leafy green is high in fibre, iron, as well as vitamin’s A, C, and K. It helps to lower cholesterol levels and can help protect against various cancers due to its high antioxidant properties. Kale is also very anti-inflammatory which helps fight against autoimmune disorders, arthritis and asthma.

Need more convincing this veggie is the total package? Because this ‘queen of greens’ is so high in calcium and Vitamin C, it supports a healthy metabolism and prevents osteoporosis. Lastly, next time you are feeling the effects of having a few too many alcoholic beverages the night before, be sure to get some kale in you to help detoxify your liver and regenerate cells.

Whether you throw some leaves into the blender and mix with your fave fruits for a quick smoothie, or use it instead of romaine lettuce for an even more nutritionally dense caesar salad or snack on these delicious chips, getting kale into your diet is super easy. The health benefits are too many to ignore so be sure to throw a couple bunches of this cruciferous crusader into your shopping cart every week to improve your health today.

Simple and Delicious Kale Chips

Wash kale, slice out tough stem and tear into bite sized pieces. You can pat leaves dry with towel or throw in salad spinner to dry.

Throw into a plastic bag and for basic chip flavour mix together:

olive oil, 1-2 Tbsp,
sea salt, to taste
cayenne pepper (optional)
You can actually use any combination of spice or season you like: garlic powder, cumin, turmeric….

Shake the bag and massage the leaves to ensure they are properly coated with oil.

Spread out on baking sheet. Be sure the leaves don’t overlap or they won’t crisp. Use two baking sheets if necessary.

Bake at 350 degrees for approx 12 minutes or until leaves crisp, but before turning brown.

*Note* Try preparing beet or brussel sprout chips with the similar ingredients. Even combine all three veggies for a tri-coloured medley.

These chips make a great nutrient dense snack and taste so good even my kids like them. You will be amazed by the change in texture, once baked, the leaves become crispy.