Checking in with my yoga and fitness community near and far 🧘🏼‍♀️ 🏋️‍♀️
Hopefully everyone’s making the best of the current COVID-19 situation by staying active from home. It’s more important than ever to move your body daily for both the physical and mental health benefits.

~Tips to stay consistent~

•Create a space for a daily practice. You don’t require much- a mat, strap and a couple of blocks, hand weights or resistance bands and stability ball are a good bonus but not necessary.

•Schedule it into your day. Many are now working from home so it’s great to have a fitness break to refresh your brain 🧠 You are more likely to respect an appointment and adhere to a regular routine if it’s preplanned and written in your agenda 📆

•There are more FREE online sessions available now, especially with gyms and studios closed, many are offering live streaming of classes. Use this opportunity to try something new!

•Keep your immunity boosted with lots of fruits and veggies 🍎 and try to get 8 hours sleep every night 😴

•You May have to stay home but you can still get outside for fresh air. Go for a walk/run or do some yard work and soak up some mood boosting vitamin D whenever possible ☀️ Remember- when you turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you 🙏

•Stay tuned for Sunrise Yoga Studio Orillia offerings on YouTube by subscribing to my channel 📺

In the meantime, try to stay positive (exercise helps!) and take care of yourself and each other by listening to public health officials. We will get though this together!

Yours in wellness,
Rosanna 🌹