The power of the sun sustains all life and provides us with energy. This entire series is filmed with Rosanna leading a full bodied vinyasa (flow) surrounded by lakeside scenery and natural light from dawn to dusk. The stunning images will radiate serenity and bliss throughout the sequences as you are led through strengthening, stretching and relaxing postures. Feel your body become toned, more flexible while your mind finds clarity and a sense of calm. Variations are provided for all levels of Yogi’s to allow the beginner to grow and the more advanced to deepen. Your spirit will embrace this truly balanced experience.

Sunrise Sequence: 17 minute awakening of the body, mind, and spirit while you view the spectacular beginning to a new day. Allow this refreshing warm up to bring you into the present moment and prepare you for your practice.

High Noon Heat: 25 minutes of movement that will increase blood flow and body temperature. The asanas (postures) featured in this segment will heighten your body awareness and challenge your current flexibility, strength, and endurance. A focus on keeping the heart and mind open to a new experience each time.

Sunset Sequence: 20 minutes, feeling grounded as the pace and breath slow. Lowering down to the mat to work on the core area of muscles. Eventually coming into complete stillness for final relaxation with guided meditation. Release all tension and absorb the many benefits of your practice. Rest in your light- this is zen.

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Sun Series Vinyasa Yoga DVD

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“The scenery in this DVD shows like a Tom Thomson painting come to life.” -Kevin Jansen, yoga enthusiast



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